# Motivation I have found that I will only be able to actively recall at most 1-2 concepts (mostly none) for every book or paper that I've read. This is alarming given how little we already read. Inspired by [Andy Matuschak's](https://andymatuschak.org/) and [Nikita Voloboev's](https://wiki.niki.dev/) Digital Gardens, I am creating my own Digital Garden to organize my thoughts, improve the retention of my knowledge and share my learnings. I believe that by repackaging and simplifying the ideas that I've read, I will retain them better and be better able to bring them to the next level (through association and synthesizing with other ideas). **To start browsing**, look on the left sidebar and find the topics that interest you. Alternatively, check out my latest updates below. # Latest 1. [[FunSearch]] 2. [[Voyager Minecraft]] 3. [[Hyung Won Chung on LLMs (2023)]] 4. [[ReST EM]] 5. [[ReST]] 6. [[LLMs can predict searcher preferences]] Reach out at tangys108 (at) gmail.com if you would like to chat.